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You'll enjoy the tranquility, comfort
and great fishing
we offer at
Reindeer River.
The lake, about 30 miles long,
has plenty of
islands and bays with no large
open water,
fishing is guaranteed in all weather conditions.


Reindeer River Camp is located along the Reindeer River.  The lake is in the heart of Saskatchewan's finest fishing.  We are 30 miles south of Reindeer Lake and just north of the Churchill River.

As we are the only camp on the lake, we offer outstanding fishing for both Walleye and Northern Pike.  With this limited pressure on the lake, you won't be disappointed.

The camp is set up as a "DO IT YOURSELF" fishing trip, with comfort in mind.  Once you are dropped off you will be responsible for yourself as there is no camp personnel there.  In this way, you make up your own schedule and enjoy each day to its fullest potential.